This website is dedicated to Imam Hussain and Azadari-e-Sayyed u Shoada Alahemusalaam The following are some of the sayings of Imam Husayn alayhis-salam on occasions leading to the tragic event of Ashura – 10th of Muharram – 61 H, around 681 CE: Death with digni.'',ty is better than life with humiliation I do not see death except happiness and prosperity, and life with oppressors but anguish, I swear by God, I shall not surrender as a humiliated person, and shall not escape like slaves. I have not arisen for the purpose of exuberance, arrogance, corruption, or oppression, but I have done so in order to seek reform in the nation of my Grandfather [Muhammad peace be upon him]. I want to promote virtue and prohibit vice, and I want to go down the path and tradition of my Grandfather [Muhammad peace be upon him], and the path of my father [Ali ibn Abi Talib peace be upon him] Addressing his adversaries on the battlefield, when he was the only fighter left alive, and they started attacking the women and children in the tents: If you do not believe in a religion, and do not fear the hereafter, then be free (from arrogance) in your lives. O Allah! You know that all there was from us was not in competition to seek power, nor to gain refuse of the world1, but it was nothing other than to present the signs and essence of Your religion, and to promote reform in Your land, (so that) oppressed members of your servants find safety and security, and Your laws, orders and obligations are acted upon Imam Sadiq (a.s), The place where Husain Bin Ali (peace be upon them) is buried, since the day he is burried is regarded as a Garden of Paradise. It is also one of the doors of Paradise. Behaarul Anwaar, vol.101 pg. 211 http://www.shah-e-karbala.com/liveEvent.html (for Live Majlis Video)