Terrorism has no place in Islam

Terrorism has no place in Islam, and shouting Allah ho Akbar is when killing innocent people is a norm for those ISIS terrorist because of the fact when they were killing the grand son of prophet Imam Hussain (AlayhisSalam) peace be up on him. Their forefather were shouting the same word.
Real Allah ho Akbar is the one which Imam Hussain Says and Wrote on the Pages of History and Light the torch of Guidance for humanity for ever.

Ayatollahs Sheikh al-Nimr and Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi urge followers of Ahlul Bait to practice Tatb`er

The Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi urged followers of Ahlul-Bait, peace be upon them, to practice the sacred ritual of Tatb`er.
Ayatullah Bashir Jajafi and Nimr
Ayatollah Sheikh NimrBaqir al-Nimr also urged Shias to practice the Husseini rituals, and to do Tatb`er in particular.


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