Terrorism has no place in Islam

Terrorism has no place in Islam, and shouting Allah ho Akbar is when killing innocent people is a norm for those ISIS terrorist because of the fact when they were killing the grand son of prophet Imam Hussain (AlayhisSalam) peace be up on him. Their forefather were shouting the same word.
Real Allah ho Akbar is the one which Imam Hussain Says and Wrote on the Pages of History and Light the torch of Guidance for humanity for ever.

No To Terrorism # follow the right path which the path to Karbala

Be an Enemy to the oppressor and helper to the oppressed. - Imam Ali (A.S.)

whether its Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, France or Syria, wherever these things happening it is only causing damage to humanity. Every live is important ‪#‎PrayForWorld‬ ‪#‎LabbaikaYaHussain‬


  • Shauhada Millat