The 11th Place (or Manzil): Uzaibul Hajanat

The next Manzil was Uzaibul Hajanat. Here Imam stayed away from the escorting army of Hur. He met Trimmah bin Adi. After having known about the Kufan abandonment of his envoy Muslim, it became clear that Imam had no hope of support or even survival in Kufa. Nevertheless, he refused an offer of safety extended to him by Trimmah bin Adi. Ibn Adi was the leader of a powerful Tribe of Adi in the area. He pleaded the Imam to accept his offer of 20,000 armed soldiers from his Tribe to help him if he wishes to go to Kufa to fight with the army of Yazid.

The 9th Place (or Manzil): Zuhasm

The name of the place was Zuhasm. It was here that Imam met Hur's army of 1000 men. They were coming from Kufa and appeared to be without water for sometime. Imam asked his companions to give them water in spite of the fact that they were hostile to Imam's party. Everyone drank to their fill, even horses and camels drank. One soldier was so thirsty that he was unable to drink the water himself and the Imam went to him and poured water in his mouth.

Places Passed By: Batn-e-Aqiq (6), Sorat (7), Sharaf (8)

The 6th Place (or Manzil): Batn-e-Aqiq

Imam left Zabala and arrived at Batn-e-Aqiq at his 6th Manzil. Here the Imam met a man from the Tribe of Akrama who told him that Kufa was not a friendly town, that Yazid's army has surrounded this garrison town, no one was allowed to leave or enter the town. But Imam carried on toward his destiny.

The 7th Place (or Manzil): Sorat.

The 5th Place (or Manzil): Zabala

The 5th Place (or Manzil) of Imam's journey was a small town called Zabala. Here the Imam learnt from two tribesmen coming from Kufa, about the death of Muslim Ibn Aqeel. Imam uttered the words, "Inna Lil-Lahe wa Inna Illay-he Rajeoon", loudly that all around him hear these words and know that something momentous has happened. When all his companions gathered around him he said, "Indallah Nahtasib Unfosana", which means that "before God we all are accountable to our actions and deeds". Assady Tribesmen tried to dissuade the Imam from proceeding any further, but to no avail.


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