Ayatollahs Sheikh al-Nimr and Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi urge followers of Ahlul Bait to practice Tatb`er

The Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi urged followers of Ahlul-Bait, peace be upon them, to practice the sacred ritual of Tatb`er.
Ayatullah Bashir Jajafi and Nimr
Ayatollah Sheikh NimrBaqir al-Nimr also urged Shias to practice the Husseini rituals, and to do Tatb`er in particular.

It's noteworthy that Shiekh NimrBaqir al-Nimr commonly referred to as Sheikh Nimr is widely known for his criticism of Saudi authorities. On July 8th, 2012, al-Nimr was shot by police in the leg and arrested. According to al-Nimr's brother Mohammed al-Nimr, Nimr al-Nimr was arrested "while driving from a farm to his house in al-Qatif".